Custom cost

This is a custom integration that will be scoped uniquely for each event but can include technical support to support virtual presenters or iPads for virtual participants to communicate directly with small groups.

Two-way participation between at-home and in-person guests.

Interactive Experience

Custom cost

This is a custom integration that is scoped uniquely for each event.
The most basic version can include projecting virtual participants onto a screen in the room. 

In-person guests get to feel like those dialing in virtually are in the room.

Viewing Gallery

One Presentation/Ceremony
Full Event Experience


Pre-Set Camera Angles
1 Roaming Camera Operator
Switchboard Operator
Livestream Setup and Link

A more immersive experience that allows virtual guests to experience your event and see reactions from the in-person guests.

Multicamera LiveStream


Pre-Set Camera Angles
Switchboard Operator
Livestream Setup and Link

Allow guests to view your event


Are you a company or non-profit looking to transition your corporate meetings, galas, and parties to hybrid, in-person and virtual celebrations? Do some of your guests live oversees or are unable to travel due to health issues or scheduling conflicts? Did your best friend just find out she is pregnant and can no longer be there with you on your big day?

By embedding streaming technology into the space the Arbory is able to offer seamless digital experiences without the clunky delays, disruptions and additional coordination that clients often experience when hiring external crews.


If you are looking for livestreaming, The Arbory's team of experienced production professionals can help